Gift ideas for Maximilian

"A rock and a string, now that's a toy"
We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by very generous friends and family. Maximilian's crib, and our house runeth over, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Here are some clothes we like: Tea Collection

Guidelines for buying toys and other things for Maximilian:

  • Books are great! He loves them. We especially like books in multiple languages (See Baby Einstein)
  • Learning toys are great! He is very curious and spends time concentrating on his learning toys.
  • We love vintage things (used is OK)
  • Clothing - Maximilian is now ready for 3T size clothing
  • Brio train track and cars are very welcome. Maximilian has a small collection already.
  • We have already started Maximilian's collection of Erector sets (for the future).
  • Keep plastic to an absolute minimum.
  • No battery operated toys
  • No noise makers
  • No Barney
  • No war toys

We are also looking for a nice wine case/box to store a case of wine. We are gathering wine which stores well and will appreciate in value to put together a case which, when he turns 21, Maximilian Rex can either drink or sell for its appreciated value.