The fastest 3 year old on wheels

This pic is out of order date wise, but I just found it again.

This is Maximilian Rex behind the wheel of a scale model of a famous race car: The 1924 Hispano-Suiza H6C 'Tulipwood' Torpedo.

This pedal car was hand-made by a very talented friend in Oakland, CA. This photo ended up in a magazine for Hispano-Suiza enthusiasts.

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March 15, 2010

Benicia Little League has started. We got lucky with a local team. Maximilian has soccer on Monday, and T-ball practice on Thursday. Soon, he'll be in "real" games. Yikes! They don't really keep score in T-ball. Mostly, they try to get the kids to learn the rules and run the correct way around the bases.

Maximilian Rex is the only lefty on his team. Hopefully this will give him an advantage at the plate when he gets to the level of play where there are pitchers.

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Max Facts:

September 13, 2004 12:15pm

7 lbs 19 in.

His Full Name:
Maximilian Rex Heian Burgess-Shannon

Maximilian - meaning the most or the greatest
Rex - meaning King
Heian - a Japanese word referring to the most peaceful time in Japan's history - 795-1192 AD 397 years of peace.
Burgess-Shannon - the combined last names of parents Gretchen and Tony.

A great deal of thought and research went into the name. Maximilian will be the Greatest King of Peace. The last name was hyphenated with Burgess first because the "B" line at will call is far shorter than the "S" line and alphabetically "B" comes before "S".

Studies show that people tend to live up to their names. We will not be putting pressure on Maximilian to rise to political power or become CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation. That is the reason for the "Heian". Peace is currently in short supply. We hope, with Maximilian, to bring a little peace to this world.