We got dressed up and went to "Blackie's Hayday" (a festival for families specifically geared toward young children, with pony rides and other kids stuff). We did not know until we got there that it was $10 per person to get in and everything cost money inside as well. Pony rides were $5. So, for the three of us to get in and Maximilian to get one pony ride would have been $35. Yikes! In this economy? His disappointment was heart-breaking. He did not whine or cry, he just asked us why we could not go in and restated his position that he really, really, really wanted to ride a pony. We opened negotiations with a popsicle from the ice cream man. We then offered an alternative trip to San Francisco Golden Gate Park where we might see buffalo. He consented and we were off. We got to see a gopher, four buffalo and many horses for free. Yay!